Our  firm M/s. Huzaima, Ikram & Ijaz provides services in all areas, specially in taxation and corporate matters. Our  team of experts is always available for providing assistance in any legal matter for your business.



An international law firm with head office in Lahore, Huzaima, Ikram & Ijaz specialises in international tax and adopts a multi-disciplinary approach to practice areas. The firm provides services to a variety of clients around the world in a range of industry sectors, including banking, insurance, pharmaceutical and Construction, real estate, IT and Chemicals . We also have in-depth expertise in high technology, media and communication law. Additionally, we use the integrated skills of our extended team of experts, which includes chartered accountants, certified public accountants and law graduates, to provide accounting, auditing, investigation, taxation, corporate and legal services in support of commercial, contractual or tax fraud cases.



Our vision at "Huzaima, Ikram & Ijaz" is to continue providing taxation and legal services to international standards in a commercial and responsive manner. Today, our market leading presence and experience makes us the first choice among the leading national and international corporates and financial institutions looking for taxation and legal advice. Indeed our standards of professionalism have been commented on by leading international tax and legal publications. We are proud to have attained this position and remain determined to maintain it. We remain committed to developing areas of legal services in Pakistan that have not reached the same standards as transactional practices.



We firmly believe that success in achieving our mission is only possible if we live by our core values and reflect these in all our interactions with our clients, our people and the community at large.


Responsibility to our clients:


  • We shall strive to maintain excellent and high quality legal services to our clients.

  • e shall strive to deliver the highest standards of integrity, efficiency and responsiveness in all our work.


Responsibility to our people:


  • We care. We shall endeavour to provide opportunities, on-going training and guidance to all our people to help them reach their potential.
  • We care. We shall endeavour to make the workplace a friendly environment


Responsibility to our community:


  • We shall strive to be an outstanding corporate citizen
  • We shall strive to lead the growth of the legal community and the community legal awareness

 Huzaima, Ikram &  Ijaz  ​


Office No. 10, 3rd Floor, SAF Center, Fane Road,

Near High Court, Lahore, Pakistan

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